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Sino-Bridges Research delivers insightful, forward-looking, actionable data and analysis for a broad range of constituents associated with data center field in China market. Sino-Bridges provides companies with best-in-class quantitative and qualitative data, as well as keen analysis of exsiting and emerging technologies and trends that can drive future revenues.

To make business-critical decisions, you need the truth that comes from concrete, meaningful data and analysis — and Sino-Bridges will be your choice. That’s because Sino-Bridges occupies a unique place at the center of the IT ecosystem in China, they can interact with all the key constituencies, including ITvendors, IT integrators, end users, channel partners and the  medias network. From our vantage point, we’re able to observe and construct a more comprehensive, detailed, and nuanced view of technologies, industries and markets. We bring that understanding to every Sino-Bridges Research project, helping you get intto the  truth and facts, and enabling you to take the rapid action that keep you up with the changing market, which can deliver real results.

Sino-Bridges’ business model and product offerings have evolved over the years to address the ever-changing needs of our clients. Today Sino-Bridges provides two distinct yet integrated categories of services that collectively deliver unique end-to-end value – and true meaning.

Industry Research and Analysis

In an industry as dynamic as information technology, reliable, actionable intelligence is a source of power and business success.That’s what makes Sino-Bridges industry research and analysis such a value.

Based on research of more than hundreds of users and vendors in the industry in China, combining all relevant quantitative and qualitative research results with Sino-Bridges’s expert analysis, Sino-Bridges provides you with sound, insightful intelligence to inform your most critical business decisions and guide your key initiatives,which can drive your revenue.

The research topic covers current technology usage, existing processes and challenges, forward-looking technology adoption trends, market drivers, product requirements, budgeting and purchasing behavior, and organizational dynamics.With Sino-Bridges research report, organizations can have a deeper insight of the market, to make more smart and effective decisions within less time,which can keep them competitiveness in the future.

Technology, Market Research and Analysis

Sino-Bridges technology and market Research Services offer independent  research and analysis from a team that brings a wealth of industry specific knowledge and market experience, which is  a comprehensive view of the business and IT dynamics impacting an existing or potential market opportunity. Typical topics covered include customers’ technology challenges and requirements, decision drivers, budgeting and purchasing trends, and vendor preferences. Sino-Bridges custom research services deliver high quality, premium information with expert insights that enable you to make well informed decisions.


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