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IT market has been always changing rapidly. For IT organizations, how to know the market and clients mind, and respond rapidly to deliver proper products and technologies catered market trend and users pereference, is the key to business success. And also the kind of “customization”  need huge market investment .

Sino-Bridges team has smart acknowledge of the data center fields such as storage, network, virtualization, cloud computing, software difined storage, big data and ect., combing the market trends and products focus, they can capture,analyze and present  the key information from the makrekt, and then make corresponding market promotion strategy through its huge database network.

Sino-Bridges understands the differentiation between China and foreign countries, their service will be professional and smart to push clients’ business development. Sino-Bridges has created  good partnership with most of main medias in China, which will be greatly helpful to promote and expand clients brand,technology and products.

The following services are provided by Sino-Bridges:


Based on deep acknowledgement of global data center technology trend and rich experience of more than 13 years in IT field in terms of market trend, vendors and technologies, Sino-Bridges Analysts create IT contents targeting vendors’ strategy plans, and analyze market and technology trend from a third party angle, complementing the solutions and cases from vendors, which can attract more interested users, and help to create communication platform between vendors and users for potential sales opportunities. In order to simplify the whole process of Webinar from planning, execution to resources reuse, Sino-Bridges can provide value-added services including invitation letter drafting, PPT Explanation with videos ,and interactive communication online with attendees.


For any global IT vendor looking for potential opportunities and looking at forming effective partnerships and channel management strategies in China, a sound understanding of the local vertical market dynamics, as well as its competitive structure, is essential for business success. Sino-Bridges can provides you with the necessary intelligence to optimize, guide and support all aspects of the business planning life cycle from strategy and budget planning, through implementation, to ongoing measurement and assessment of results. Here Sino-Bridges will provide its view of today’s china market at session, in the form of video or audio ,which can help vendors and users in China market plan better and make their own intelligent decisions.


In data center filed, more and more technologies emerged. How to spread complex technologies in simple, impressive and fast way to target customers is the key of efficiency of market investment for IT vendors. Sino-Bridges videos can let target customers know the value and features of products and solutions fast as well as accurately.

Field Audit Report & Lab Report

Sino-Bridges evaluate and audit the features and functions of technology products and their ultimate value to an IT organization, from a third-party expert perspective based on our own hands-on testing in a lab and interviews with customers using these products in production environments. The goal of an Sino-Bridges Lab Validation report and Audit report are to provide insight into the compelling features and capabilities of a product and why they matter to the business. Findings presented in the Reports are based on comprehensive hands-on testing of technology products, measuring attributes like performance, scalability, reliability and product installation in a controlled testing environment.

White Paper

Sino-Bridges white paper include solutions white paper, product white paper and technology white paper, which can provide smart, executive data and analysis based on survey of hundreds of IT vendors and IT business professionals in China market. Sino-Bridges white paper offer clients a comprehensive view of the business and IT dynamics impacting an existing or potential market opportunity. Typical topics covered include customers’ technology challenges and requirements, decision drivers, budgeting and purchasing trends, and vendor preferences. 


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