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ICT drives reform of traditional telecommunication and information technology industry.  IT market differentiation provide huge  opportunities as well as big risks. How to keep smart insight and understand uers’ mind are the key to achieve market development. For organizations in North America, they have difficulty to learn and expand China market because of culture, habits and thought difference.

Based on its deeply professional knowledge in china market and users,  Sino-Bridges can deliver business guidance, drive organizational alignment, and provide operational execution services to companies of all sizes, from fledgling startups to industry titans. With years of operational experience in CxO, marketing, and sales leadership roles backed by a strategy team of market analysis, research, and product experts,Sino-Bridges is proven at building successful, market-leading companies.

The services including business consulting, market consulting and content creation.

Business Consulting

Sino-Bridges believes that at the core of every high-performance company is a unified sales and marketing organization, sharing a common vision and passion for winning. Everything we do within Sino-Bridges consulting is focused on achieving that alignment, turning that vision into reality, and channeling that passion into high-performance success.

Every Sino-Bridges Consulting engagement begins with a comprehensive analysis of your business, starting at the top with your strategic goals and determining whether everything that follows is in alignment with them: the strategy, the brand positioning, corporate messaging, product messaging, and go-to-market strategy, as well as the sales and market­ing teams executing the strategy. From there, we provide business program recommendations to achieve and maintain proper alignment, such as a clearly articulated strategy to serve as a guiding blueprint, along with detailed program recommendations.

The business consulting service including :

  1. Adjustment of business focus
  2. Ajustify and assess emerging market opportunity
  3. Market entry availability and profit model
  4. Investment focus analysis and assessment
  5. Market strategy planning
  6. IT investment value evaluation
  7. Strategy group/cooperation /channel advise

Marketing Consulting

Sino-Bridges provides a wide array of integrated marketing services to meet all of your business and marketing needs through our in-house staff members and our Integrated Marketing Alliance partnerships. This integrated approach helps you to make sure all of your business marketing needs are met successfully.

Sino-Bridges consulting deliver comprehensive, end-to-end messaging and positioning solutions for your marketing strategy and programs. Using a time-tested formula of Brand Perception Analysis, Message Value Quadrant, and SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis, Sino-Bridges blend current perception data, desired management outcomes, sustainable market differentiation, and actual field-based use case scenarios. From existing brand integration to brand positioning development, solutions, products, and technology messaging, Sino-Bridges provide an alignment of commu­nications strategy, and a set of strategic marketing program recommendations to efficiently execute and drive market leader perception and market adoption.

  1. Market differentiation /target market analysis
  2. Market demand analysis
  3. Products planning and analysis
  4. Marketing positioning
  5. Service and product lifetime planning
  6. Pricing strategy analysis and suggestion
  7. Market promotion strategy

Content Creation

Messaging is a key part of the success for branding your business and getting your target audiences attention. Developing cost-effective solutions that don't blow your budget and provide ROI back to your company are part of the solution from Sino-Bridges。

During the competitive market, how to get your target audiences attention with accurate content is the key to develop market and make a deal.

From IT vendors, how to create relationship between technology value and products with solutions required by customers , and how to transfer technology value effectively to target audiences , are the biggest challenges faced by marketing staff from IT vendors. And these kinds of market customization need huge market investment. However, from IT managers, how to get credible technical and market information to avoid wrong sales decisions is also a big challenge.

Sino-Bridges team has deep and rich acknowledge of data center fields, such as virtualization, cloud computing, big data, software-difined storage and other emerging technologies. Based on market research through Sino-Bridges database, Sino-Bridges can create accurate technology solutions and case studies combining customers positioning with their products and industry, to develop market chance and leads generation, and improve efficiency, which including :

  1. Technical solutions and Case studies
  2. Ppt and E-webinar
  3. White paper and Brief 
  4. Marketing materials creation and developmen
  5. Sales tools creation and design
  6. Multimedia creation 
  7. E-training materials development 




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