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Sino-Bridges has excellent team with deep acknowledge and rich experience in data center fields, we know well of technologies and market trends in China. Sino-Bridges can develop target messages to convince target audiences based on research data collected from China IT market , for creating clients’ credibility, lowering down market barrier and generating leads in target market. Sino-Bridges understand the differentiation between China and foreign countries, their service will be professional and smart to push clients’ business development and business success. 

Sino-Bridges provides services as following:

 Consulting Service

Sino-Bridges can deliver business guidance, drive organizational alignment, and provide operational execution services to companies of all sizes, from fledgling startups to industry titans.

The services including business consulting, marketing consulting, enterprise &technology consolidation consulting, content development (as PPT, online tools as e-training and e-sales, localization services as website localization, brochure localization).

  Research Service

Sino-Bridges Research delivers insightful, forward-looking, actionable data and analysis for a broad range of constituents associated with data center field. Sino-Bridges provides companies with best-in-class quantitative and qualitative data, as well as keen analysis of emerging technologies and trends that can drive future sales, marketing, and research and development investments.

Today Sino-Bridges provides two distinct yet integrated categories of services that collectively deliver unique end-to-end value – and true meaning, such as industry research and analysis and technology, market research and analysis

 Go To Market Product and Technology Promotion Service

Sino-Bridges team have smart acknowledge of the data center field, combing the market trend and products focus, they can capture the key messages based on clients products and technology, and then create precise and educational content to penetrate and develop market for customers in product go-to-market cycle.

      The services consists of E-Webinar, Video, eSeminar, Validation Reports and Field Audit Report       as well as White paper.


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