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Rules Of Members

Welcome to Join IT professional Club.

Type Of Members:
IT staffs,IT vendors,IT distributors,IT Media and other IT professionals.

Level Of Members:

  1.Regular Members:Registering at Sino-Bridges through the website or EDM.

  2.VIP Members:Regular Members having 100 points or participate in telephone interviews, or research and confirmed by post-qualification, will automatically upgraded to VIP, enjoy VIP privileges.

Rights Of Members

  1.Regular Members

       •View and download the lab evaluation reports, field-audit reports, white papers and other reports.

       •regularly receive newsletter, including the latest IT industry news, analyst opinions, evaluation reports.

       •Members participate in regular salon (Beijing), to explore technologies and trends in the field of data center with analysts.

  2、VIP Members(In addition to the rights of regular members, VIP members also enjoy the following rights)

       •View excerpts of research reports need to pay for

       •You can participate in a video course for VIP (webinar)

Points System

10 points for registation,one for downloading reports, two for video viewing.

User Profile

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Technology Management
  • CIO/CTO/Chief Director
  • Technical Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Product Manager
Technical staff
  • System Architect
  • Database Engineer
  • Development Engineer
  • Test Engineer
  • System Operations engineers
  • Network Engineer
  • Safety Engineer
  • Technical Support
  • IT Consultant/Analyst
Non-IT staff
  • Non-IT Department Managers
  • Non-IT staff
  • Researchers/Teachers
  • Student
  • Others

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