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Sino-Bridges Research and Consulting Ltd. (Sino-Bridges) is a leading research and consulting company specialized in Asia Pacific data center technology fields.

Our Focus

Sino-Bridges is focusing on data center related technologies such as virtulization, cloud computing, big data, software-difined storage, data protection, infrastructure management, and data center management. Recently, Sino-Bridges completed research projects of Virtualization Technology and Market Trend, Cloud Computing Technology Trend, Data Protection Technology Trend, Converged Infrastructure Market and Technology Trend, and Big Data Market and Technology Trend.

Our Target Audiences

Sino-Bridges’ audiences include end users, system integrators, press and medias, IT vendors and  IT partners.

Our Services

For data center sectors, one of the toughest challenge is how to quickly convert technologies/products  into end-users’ value. Too often, IT vendors are eager to sell what they have, instead of understanding what customers’ needs, and blur on how those offers are going to benefits IT decision makers and business decision makers.

Based on the research findings and in-depth knowledges of Asia Pacific data center related technologies, Sino-Bridges’ analyst team narrowed down the gap between vendors’ offer to customers’ needs, engage end-users with multiple level  through fact-based whitepaper, webinars, webcast, infographic and customized contents. In addition, Sino-Bridges provides strategy, business and marketing consulting services to help IT vendors to have laser sharp focus to minimize risk of investments and develop strategic action plan for long term successes in China market.

For end-users community, Sino-Bridges is committed to provide the fact-based contents such as research report, market landscape briefing, technology trend, solution evaluation criteria as well as cases onsite testing to enable end-users to have a trusted reference to minimize risk and speed up the process of technology evaluation, and to accelerate IT creating value. For Sino’s Club, Sino-Bridges provide free multimedia tech training courses, and Sino’s Club is becoming its core research community in China market.

The Company History

Sino-Bridges was established in 2006. From 2008 to 2012, Sino-Bridges was operated under a joint brand of ESG-Sino.

The founder and Chief Analyst of Sino-Bridges, Ms. Kim Wang, has high recognition and market influence in China data center sector. Sino-Bridges has one of the strongest technical oriented analyst team in China data center sector. And Sino-Bridges webinar center ( www.Webinars-China.com, www.Webinars-APJ.net) gradually becoming the core resources for data center professionals looking for 3rd party learning contents.

Ms. Kim Wang has more than 20 years of internationa lbusiness management and marketing experience, including 13 years of experience in the data center sector. Kim Wang had conducted 80 sessions of speeches and online sessions with the topics of data center technologies and market trends, which accelerate China market acceptance for emerging technologies, and provide credit reference for the decision maker of Chinese users.

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